Traffic Laws and Free Will

Greetings to you, all my Readers,

This is the 1. of Sept. and a sunny, beautiful Sunday, so full of promises. It feels like the bright blue sky allows us to envision our greatest wishes. We know we are responsible for our own life; we have free will and choice.

So…. Why do we feel often so limited or powerless ? Why does positive thinking seems useless and why do circumstances seemingly prevent us from reaching our goals?

I have been searching for the answer to this dilemma but  concepts are becoming clearer. It seems to me in our society we are bound by traffic laws that are basic to our existence . We want to survive and not only that, we want to thrive,  be successful, happy, healthy and loved. Who of us does not want that ? I feel we are all in the same boat, Spaceship Earth.

Here is what I realized. Life is like being the driver of your car. That means your body is your vehicle and you need to know how it functions. That is a lot of learning. A baby does that automatically and gradually it feels more and more in control and wants the freedom to which it feels entitled. Now we enter school to get our lessons on how to function with peers. Soon we learn to obey and not only that but we feel powerless in the face of forces greater and mightier than we. Most of us fall in line. Some are not sheep-like, they are more like goats. But that does not make it any easier.

We need to master the art of driving in traffic. 
Traffic-rules assure our safety. To survive is the greatest need. It is wonderful to hear what coping skills individuals developed just to survive. But we want to thrive, be free to pursue our own goals, realize our destiny, feel fulfilled and happy. Life continues to teach us. Obey the basic laws that assure order but know where you want to go and how to get there. We need to become master drivers. Not easy ! But what choices do we have ? Some of us decide to play it safe and stay in the garage. The universe allows all. Nothing is really wrong because the experience counts. Some want to drive but they run out of gas, some fall asleep on the wheel, some make a wrong turn and get lost, ect. ect. All learn as long as they live.

Now I come to the important question. What is the purpose of this ? Why are we feeling something is missing ? Especially the successful people feel the inner need to know what  this  all about. When you have achieved all you wanted and you have not only a private airplane but  a yacht and anything else that money can buy.,.. what then? What will you do with your freedom ?

Now the learning in the school of life becomes fascinating. Now you can proceed  into another dimension, the Quantum World of all possibilities where nothing is determined until you look at it.. You can break out of the limitation of our three-dimensional physical universe into the freedom of the spirit. There we discover the  true power of our thoughts. All is possible and science has left the limitation of the laws of physics and is now dealing with the a reality which they are trying to prove by discovering new laws. For in the known Universe all is ordered and true freedom is to play your part in the great symphony of life to perfection.

We are all on our way. The more we cooperate and support each other, the more joyful our days will be. To create not only order but harmony we need  others and they are with us always.  True freedom is limited by the traffic laws. Drive safely.

I am choosing love in thought and feeling and share it with you,   Tela