Relationship Poem

   It Takes Two 

In any good relationship
the interaction is just great.
With good will and a common goal
hand walks in hand
with heart and soul.
But what to do when things seem wrong,
when you feel so drained, you can’t go on?
You need to find a good solution
and bring your conflict to conclusion.
Are you willing to communicate
to alter the unhappy state?
Don’t say to your partner:
“Admit,you are wrong.”
Instead state your pain,
say: “I cannot go on.”
Ask your partner for help,
be willing to say:
“I need your support,
let us find a way.”
As a pair you pull a common load.
As sailors you find yourselves in the same boat.
So don’t hit your partner over the head.
The hurt leaves both of you feeling so bad.
Joining your forces you have a good chance
to be successful and to advance.
A break-up is very hard to survive.
But sometimes you have to.
You deserve a good life.
Feb. 10, 2008   It Takes Two


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