Polarity, Duality and Wholeness

In our 3 dimensional world of time space and matter all has its opposite pole. It seems like all is divided into good or evil, right or wrong, hot or cold, day and night, male and female and so on. Opposition implies not only separation but something against you. It suggests that one needs to defend against something threatening. But the opposites are often belonging together to make one whole. They are meant to complement each other. The differences are good and needed. When we are able to bridge the opposites we are able to travel across that bridge and are not stuck just on one side of the river of life. That applies especially  to people in a partnership. Why should men and women not be equal in value even though they are uniquely different ? Why should logic rule when feeling might know what is best at one special  moment ?

Why do people want  to be right, knowing they will make their partner seem wrong ? The fight of who is right and who is wrong is often futile. An agreement on a workable solution can usually be found when both partners want to create harmony. Music is the language of the heart where all notes are of equal value. Harmony is the outcome of divine right order. Two sides of one coin we call head and tails and often we agree on one being better than the other. The North Pole and the South Pole seem forever separated but they belong to the same earth. Language is limiting us in many ways and misunderstandings occur frequently. But it seems to me when we value one pole more than the other there is often something wrong with our judgment. I find discernment is much more helpful. The little word “and” joins things together and when we compare things by using “or” we need to choose. Much or little ? But little can be better. Strong or weak ? But what is correct depends on the particular situation. Little can be medicine while much can poison you.

The duality of our body I find most interesting. We have a left brain ruling our right side and a right brain ruling the left side and they need to cooperate to bring balance and well-being. We have two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two arms and two legs, two lungs and two kidneys but only one heart.

Knowing good and evil represents the tree of knowledge but the  tree of life is represented by love which we feel in our hearts.  Love has no opposite. All is united in love. Only the human intellect creates an opposite to love and separates itself.  That is possible because we are creators and have free will. People can choose to oppose love by fear or hate. It creates much pain and suffering and all our learning. The snake, the symbol of intelligence crawls on the ground until we raise our consciousness up and the spiritual force of wisdom illumines our understanding so we will know the truth.

I believe God is love. That love is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and without end. Instead of reading in the “Book of Good and Evil” we will know the “Book of Life”. We, each one of us, can know with certainty that physical death is just a passing into eternal life of light and love were every human soul is just one cell in the great body of the eternal Spirit of Love.

Our reality depends on what we believe. We might not have it all together but together we have it all, with  love,  Tela


Relationship Poem

   It Takes Two 

In any good relationship
the interaction is just great.
With good will and a common goal
hand walks in hand
with heart and soul.
But what to do when things seem wrong,
when you feel so drained, you can’t go on?
You need to find a good solution
and bring your conflict to conclusion.
Are you willing to communicate
to alter the unhappy state?
Don’t say to your partner:
“Admit,you are wrong.”
Instead state your pain,
say: “I cannot go on.”
Ask your partner for help,
be willing to say:
“I need your support,
let us find a way.”
As a pair you pull a common load.
As sailors you find yourselves in the same boat.
So don’t hit your partner over the head.
The hurt leaves both of you feeling so bad.
Joining your forces you have a good chance
to be successful and to advance.
A break-up is very hard to survive.
But sometimes you have to.
You deserve a good life.
Feb. 10, 2008   It Takes Two