Fear can be your best Friend

Greetings to All, in the spirit of thankfulness.

I am learning that many things which I wanted to ban from my life are  very necessary. For instance what would we do without fear?

Fear holds us back when there is danger. It saves us from hurting ourselves or even drowning or burning or certain death. Fear is usually a messenger bringing warning. Why did no one ever tell me that fear is so good and often a guardian angel ? I remember only being told that we need to overcome fear, that feeling fear showed a weakness, a lack of courage. 

In my senior years I’m beginning to examine principles which I took as truth without questioning. Of  course it is good to overcome fear but what does this “overcoming” entail ? It certainly does not mean getting rid of fear. I believe it means not fearing it. For instance when I could not swim I did not go into deep waters. When I could swim that fear was gone. When you stand on the stage to perform and you get stage-fright or you suffer from phobias you can learn to master your fears. We call that overcoming but it means we learn to act in spite of our fear. When our own reaction to impending danger paralyzes us who is to blame ? We may say we want  to get rid of our fears. I now believe that is impossible and for a good reason. Fear acts as a warning light. Paying attention to what is wrong we naturally do for our cars. We like to be warned.

Heroes and fighters all know fear and the greater the danger the more determined they are to win. They know fear as a friend. It is not fear they defeat but the danger and first of all their own sense of hopelessness, helplessness and inability to act with wisdom and courage.

That is where faith is needed. Faith moves mountains and when I am sure of  my cause and it is great enough to require all  I have got, I know that fear and faith will be my best friends and greatest teachers .

Always with Love,  Tela


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