Know the Truth even when you tell a Lie

All people have lied, the truth they denied.
But to be truthful we are told to be.
I watch and I think and I see.

We know truth is a fact, it is not an act.
Knowing the truth will set us free.
I watch and observe and I see.

A lie is oft good. That is understood.
And good we all try to be.
I watch and I ponder and see.

We lie to fool others, our sisters and brothers.
To be fooled they choose to be.
I laugh and discern and I see.

The serpent is smart. To lie is an art.
She’s polite and evasive is he.
People call it diplomacy.

Do not tell me the truth; it is of no use.
Discipline does not work for me.
I’m in pain and need sympathy.

The Law is about truth without doubt.
On the truth must the jury agree.
But is it the truth they decree?

So now I declare what I learnt I will share.
The truth you can know but not see.
Learn and discern.
Ever true to yourself you must be.

Tela’s latest poem
written July 7 2013


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