Fear can be your best Friend

Greetings to All, in the spirit of thankfulness.

I am learning that many things which I wanted to ban from my life are  very necessary. For instance what would we do without fear?

Fear holds us back when there is danger. It saves us from hurting ourselves or even drowning or burning or certain death. Fear is usually a messenger bringing warning. Why did no one ever tell me that fear is so good and often a guardian angel ? I remember only being told that we need to overcome fear, that feeling fear showed a weakness, a lack of courage. 

In my senior years I’m beginning to examine principles which I took as truth without questioning. Of  course it is good to overcome fear but what does this “overcoming” entail ? It certainly does not mean getting rid of fear. I believe it means not fearing it. For instance when I could not swim I did not go into deep waters. When I could swim that fear was gone. When you stand on the stage to perform and you get stage-fright or you suffer from phobias you can learn to master your fears. We call that overcoming but it means we learn to act in spite of our fear. When our own reaction to impending danger paralyzes us who is to blame ? We may say we want  to get rid of our fears. I now believe that is impossible and for a good reason. Fear acts as a warning light. Paying attention to what is wrong we naturally do for our cars. We like to be warned.

Heroes and fighters all know fear and the greater the danger the more determined they are to win. They know fear as a friend. It is not fear they defeat but the danger and first of all their own sense of hopelessness, helplessness and inability to act with wisdom and courage.

That is where faith is needed. Faith moves mountains and when I am sure of  my cause and it is great enough to require all  I have got, I know that fear and faith will be my best friends and greatest teachers .

Always with Love,  Tela


Know the Truth even when you tell a Lie

All people have lied, the truth they denied.
But to be truthful we are told to be.
I watch and I think and I see.

We know truth is a fact, it is not an act.
Knowing the truth will set us free.
I watch and observe and I see.

A lie is oft good. That is understood.
And good we all try to be.
I watch and I ponder and see.

We lie to fool others, our sisters and brothers.
To be fooled they choose to be.
I laugh and discern and I see.

The serpent is smart. To lie is an art.
She’s polite and evasive is he.
People call it diplomacy.

Do not tell me the truth; it is of no use.
Discipline does not work for me.
I’m in pain and need sympathy.

The Law is about truth without doubt.
On the truth must the jury agree.
But is it the truth they decree?

So now I declare what I learnt I will share.
The truth you can know but not see.
Learn and discern.
Ever true to yourself you must be.

Tela’s latest poem
written July 7 2013

Is the Truth we know just our Opinion ?

When truth is your opinion be careful what you speak.
If it concern your fellow men, remember most are weak.

Just know that God’s great truth is love,
the truth that sets us free.
The truth that stabs and hurt and cuts
is often false. You see?

God’s truth is his forgiving love.
That is the truth we share.
This is the truth we need to speak
while choosing words with care.

August 26,2002

What Is The Truth ?

See everyone in their divine perfection.
Appearances have often fooled me and you.
The facts you observe can be an illusion,
like the setting sun, which we know to be true.

From your perspective you see and believe.
In your mind’s eye it’s certainly so.
But change your position and all looks different.
What was moving toward you
now appears on the go.

In our world of surprising illusion
the truth hides itself behind observed facts.
It is hard to be certain and draw right conclusion
when truth lies concealed behind the acts.

Each human being represents a great spirit.
whose special beauty is seldom seen.
The world is a stage and all people are actors.
The role of the villain looks great on the screen.

“Don’t judge !” is advice that wisdom counsels.
Appearance and costume just add to the role.
The earth is a school where people learn lessons.
To gather experience is our goal.

All experience is precious; it is food for our soul.
Accepting and forgiving
in love makes us whole.

Tela La Mer
Kelowna, BC April 25, 2011

Are Viruses Thoughtfroms ?

We are living at a time where much new information is there, too much really. Most of us are on overload and plead: “Please do not invade my privacy.”  Stress is often the result of  too much work, too many demands on our time, too much worry, anxiety and fear. When we become exhausted our immune-system  is not able to handle all the demands and our health suffers.   

So,  how we feel is a good barometer of our health. I have learned that if I pay attention to how my body feels I can avoid serious illness . How I feel depends on the thoughts that I dwell on. When I consciously choose to stay positive and not give in to the emotion of  frustration, anger, uncertainty, helplessness  or harsh self-judgment I keep from wasting precious energy and my body thanks me with great relief. Doctors have found that viruses and bacteria are in our system all the time but we only succome to their devastating effect when we are run down and our natural defences are  not functioning  correctly any more.   So  people have found their cancer comes back inspite of  having been cured unless they changed their lifestyle.

I have thought about this a lot and believe I create good things when I know I deserve good things and I create pain and trouble when I focus on what is wrong. That seems to be true in all areas of life but especially in health and relationships.

I have nurtured an injured toe nail for 10 years and just recently had it removed and I know now by nurturing what was injured I kept it that way. This ist just my latest example. But thinking back I now see many instances where I kept trouble by giving it attention in a way that kept me with it. What you resist persists ! So it is said, but hearing it, does not mean we understand the process.  For denial  is no help at all.  If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it does not help to neglect your diet.  The key is first of all honesty with self. You now realize your blood sugar it high and you can do something to get yourself balanced. Don’t claim diabetes as a state of your being. I have been diagnosed with diabetes is a true statement. But your thinking makes all the difference. Do you claim it as a condition that in some way brings benefits ? Do you subconsciously want that illness as an excuse? Are you playing the victim role and punish yourself ? Are you saying to others: You make me sick ? Or are you willing to get well ? The decision to get well allows you to learn all you need to  achieve health, and the resources your body has to restore health are limitless. Here comes a true story.

Mario Mantese was for weeks in a coma and when he awoke  was deaf,  blind and completely paralyzed. Only his mind was working and he wanted to live. All he had left was his will. He re-animated all his functions in a most difficult and painfully-slow  process. He is now telling his story and sharing all he gained in many German books. One book I found is translated into English under the title “In the Land of Silence: Learning with my Master”.

Is it possible that viruses are thought forms and we can use them to create our reality ?

You might say: What about babies and small children ?  I know there is a consciousness there that can say, I do not like it here, I want to go home.I was such a child and I was seriously ill when very small. I have no memory of  that. But my first remembered thought was I did not want to be here on earth. I wanted to go to heaven and during the war in Germany when the bombs fell I hoped they would fall on me. I was so unhappy.

Faith, belief and consciousness all depend on our thoughts while we are in a physical body. So if you are given a sugar pill and you believe it is going to cure you, it will cure you.

Doctors have performed knee operations on some people and taken patients of a similar age group with identical problems and made it appear that they were operated on; and both healed equally well and after years of testing the ones that only believed were found  the same as the others. Many subconscious programs govern all of us automatically. We can reprogram. I am hard at work doing so and I am getting better and better. Of course it has to be in harmony with God’s Will, which is contained in the core-seed of my being. I now know God created me to be what I am supposed to be. The best ME  is what I want to develope. Happiness is a wonderful by-product of this process. It is ongoing.

Gratefully I share and love some feed-back.   

All the best to you,   Tela

You are a Star among Stars.

Greetings my Friends and Readers,

I am filled with so many ideas, so much that I am learning. So it is a real need to share.

At the moment many people are becoming aware of the fact that individual self-esteem is the number one need for every human being. All life-coaches and psychological  counselors tell us so. Often this creates an inner conflict. I have for most of my life believed it was good to be “humble”  and put yourself last. Wanting to be good and loving,  I believed this was the right way.

But it was not the truth of my being. I knew better. It is like the sun hiding behind clouds because it is afraid of its own power. The Sun is a star and it cannot hide its light. It has to be light. It has a whole solar system to enlighten and warm up and keep alive.

What I learned is that each one of us is a star. We need to let our light shine. For those who would get burned, there are shady places. Each one of as needs to learn to protect her/himself. But the wonderful thing is we must shine our light. We are a star. In all humbleness we can accept the truth that we are created to be a Sun, a holographic mini solar system. We have our own planets (organ-systems) to manage. Our own different energy fields (physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual) all need to be kept in harmony. Harmony in our body means equilibrium, balance, health, wholeness and holiness.

To achieve this we are constantly challenged in our daily lives. What I have found is that I learn every day and I learn to develop into my own best of what I am. Like a seed must become what it is programmed to be. Like an oak cannot be an apple tree. So much of my life I went against my own inner life-program. I tried to be what I admired in other people. I worked very hard to suppress my own natural tendencies. In that I got greatly encouraged by others  because they saw me wrong and believed I must transform myself. Not accepting myself I believed them. That is were my self-worth was so down. I was deeply depressed but not willing to give in to my failure. I told God, ” You made me. So fix me.” I believed I was wrong.

What a long, long, slow road I traveled to accept myself, love myself, trust myself and truly feel I have a right to be me, truly me, honestly me. That is the self-esteem we all need. When striving for it, it is essential that we understand every human being needs to be a star in its own right. There is no competition between the oak and the apple tree or the rose and the violet.

In the Age of Aquarius in which we now live the emphasis is on equality. It shows as the water carrier with two urns, pouring out both together. Male and female, day and night, dark and light all of equal value. And in the night sky countless stars.

So all you wonderful stars, don’t hide your light under a bushel. Listen to the deepest, hidden truth behind all mental and emotional programming. Look into the most secret place , the Holy of Holy’s, where only you as a high priest can enter. There you will find your own true Holy Spirit. There you find the Comforter in whom you can trust. There you will find true self-worth. There you will realize the Love that is God.

When you value yourself you can value all others. I share here what I so far have found. Let me know your feelings and thoughts.

I love to hear from you,  Tela

A Tap on the Shoulder

A tap on the shoulder to get your attention.
A voice in your heart, a wake-up call.
A mishap that warns: Change what you are doing.
Listen and stop quickly; avoid the fall.
We all get our warnings, the tap on the shoulder.
We all do hear the wake-up call.
But we often resist and keep on going.
Are you able to wake up after the fall?
The wake-up call needs our attention.
The voice in the heart should not be denied.
Be honest with self and admit your weakness.
The truth takes courage. Fear often has lied. 
The lessons of life are never-ending
The last in old age seem cruelest of all.
Now the body becomes the unbending master.
We must obey our old servant’s call.
Can you be like a child, accept care from others?
Can you be dependent but joyfully free?
Can you care for your body as a wise mother?
Then without fear you can thankfully be.
March 23 2008