Competition or Cooperation ?

A thinking person asks the questions,
why, where, what, when and how,
and keeps on finding answer by answer
by living faithfully in the Now.
The wise sage knows for your own pleasure
use everything in the right place and right time,
and carefully watch, choosing right measure,
knowing success, feeling divine.
The purpose of all is meant to teach us
that competition is Lucifer’s part,
for love works always in cooperation
and forever is found in a wise heart.
    Poem by Tela     26 Oct. 2008

The Sun, The Greatest Server

      Remembering Who You Are
The Sun says to the Earth:”Because of you I have value;
you owe me nothing,you allow me to give.”
The mother kisses her precious infant.
She is fulfilled,has a reason to live.
When you are not welcomed,when you are not valued,
remember the script engraved in your heart.
Don’t doubt love’s existence; you know the longing.
You have known oneness but you chose to depart.
Remember, remember! Connect with the spirit.
Connect with love. Connect with your heart.
The great illusion of separation
seems real in this world and sets you apart.
Remember the truth of your own being.
Remember to be just who you are:
A cell in the body, a drop in the ocean
and in the sky…….. a shining star.
In truth there is no separation.
There is only one humanity.
A tree fights not with its own branches.
In Oneness is wholeness and harmony.
P0em by Tela,   Oct. 4, 2007

Free Will, Your Choice


          It is Your Choice 
Free Will, the greatest gift for humans on earth!
Free Will, the gift of God, given at birth.
Already the baby makes itself  known
by what it wants. Parents may groan.
Free Will makes us equal. We all have a choice.
The baby knows it and uses his voice.
When you know what you want, dreams will come true,
Barefooted or in golden shoe.
Free Will allows everybody a voice.
How you act or react, it is your choice.
The mistakes of others you make your own,
When you harvest wrongly what they have sown.
When you have been hurt and you are in pain,
Forgive it quickly or the pain will remain.
Good Will in your heart allows you to see
The truth, and the truth will set you free.
Free will is your power, donʼt give it away.
Listen to your heart, it cannot betray,
When Good will rules from the throne of your heart.
The joy it brings will not depart.
Good Will is Godʼs Will, itʼs easy to see.
In a heart of Good Will, evil canʼt be.
Hold on to Good Will. In you itʼs Godʼs voice.
It makes forgiveness your best choice.
When you get wise, you will turn the other cheek.
To not hit back, does not imply you are weak.
Donʼt punish yourself  for what others do.
Good Will is always best for you.  
Free choice allows you to go to hell. 
But good will choose goodness and all will be well. 
Poem by Tela  La Mer,  Sept. 11, 2008

Just Being

Just Being 

No more guilt and self-righteousness,

No more condemnation and blame,

No more disappointments, mortification and shame. 

I will not be critical,

judgmental or resisting my pain,

In just knowing the truth, my freedom I gain. 

No more self-justification,

No more explaining or defending my aim.

No more excuses for self, no more mental game. 

I am done with all striving.

Expectations be gone !

I accept all that is and sing my own song. 

Hopes and wishes, “good-bye”,

I need you no more.

It was my ego which suffered, was hurt and was sore. 

No more questions to ask,

No more wisdom to share.

The freedom I gained, means I have not a care. 

I trust in God’s goodness.

I’m secure without fear

Like a dearly loved child whose mother is near. 

I give thanks for each moment

Of life on this earth,

And feel blessed without measure.

I know my own worth.  


Written by Tela        April 28, 2002

In the Garden of my Mind

In the garden of your mind ,you are always at home.
Look at what you planted. Look at what has grown.
Thoughts come and visit but you choose and decide
what you keep and value and what you put outside.
Every thought you hold onto
becomes in  your garden a plant
that will grow with attention.
Do you understand?
Faithfully tend your garden with care,
weed and water and plant what is special and rare.
What you do not water will quickly die.
Pull out poisonous weeds before they grow high.
Your work as a gardener will be richly rewarded
when the thoughts of your mind
you have carefully guarded.
Looking back over the years
all your memories are there.
Have you flowers to pick,with loved ones to share?
No one can drive you from what you created
by the thoughts you repeated.
They show what was fated.
In the garden of your mind you are always at home.
Make it the best place you have ever known.
Written by Tela,  August 26,2006
Thinking back over the years, no one ever told me to keep my mind clean
and in order. I was told to take care of my body and the house. I also learned how important it is to choose the right foods and how to balance my cheque book, but no one ever mentioned to me how important it is to take care of  my  mind.

The mind  is our super-computer and it runs our life unless we give our power away and let others control us.
I also found my emotions can by controlled when understood.
For example our mind can nurture joy instead of holding on to sadness.
Our mind is our most important tool in life and I feel to pay attention to  it
should be a priority.
Many people live  on automatic pilot. They are preprogrammed.
Many of these programs are so outdated that failure, frustration and pain are the result. There are also poisonous thoughts and wrong habits rooted
there.  Even very intelligent people can be stuck like a great car without
a driver or  like a train on the right track but not moving.
So self-examination in regard to what is in your mind puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to know where to go and how to get there.
It is work like taking care of your garden. It can be fun.


The Sun needs the Light.
The Earth needs the rain.
And Man needs his Ego.
It cannot be slain.
The Ego feels threatened.
It often feels pain.
It wants to be happy,
and searches in vain.
Short-lived are the joys.
The struggles remain.
The Ego keeps trying.
It cannot be slain.
In endless ring-circles
the “struggle-go-round”
presents our life’s lessons;
but peace can be found.
When Ego surrenders
to God’s divine Love,
it’s restored in the spirit
like a white dove.
That Spirit is Holy.
It’s the truth that sets free.
When I love my Ego
I am what I’m  meant to be.
Love links all forever
to creator, our source.
Life is a journey.
Ego chooses the course.
My Ego has found
the love that is true.
The eternal I AM
that is me and that is you.
When I deeply feel love,
I am never alone.
I am part of all others.
I am happy, I am home.
Now we can work together,
knowing each one is free.
My I AM-Spirit is one with my Ego
and both are just me.
This means to allow others
to be who they are,
knowing love binds in freedom
with light every star.
Poem by Tela,  
Kelowna, April 1 2012

Different Points of View

Different Points of View
You made a picture of how you see me.
That is how for you I have to be.
It is not the picture I want to see,
but it’s what you mirror back to me.
I do what I can to show you my view,
but for you the old picture is true.
So, with you I cannot be
other than what you choose to see.
What can I do ?  I don’t like what I see
in the mirror you hold up for me.
I don’t like the  view you have of me.
I must accept what you choose 
but I set myself free.
It is good to agree to disagree.
Just stay true to yourself  and know you are free.
You’re free to choose
what you will see.
I am what I am and always will be.
Tela  La Mer   Jan. 1. 2010