I just sat with my large candle burning for you, knowing our deep connections through the channels of like-mindedness and feeling the belonging, sailing together on this great spaceship Earth.

I want to greet you and hug you. I want the winds of change to bring you the realization of our Oneness.

Together we are able to be strong and confident and happy or at least comforted and supported. 

Finding Self- worth is the greatest need of our society. 
The lack of Self-worth I feel is due to a disconnect from Nature.
Many people do not even know how important that connection is.
They have it through food. But what is the quality of their food ?
And what is the feeling ? One of need ?
Nature is represented by the Earth, the  Mother who feeds our bodies.
We connect to nature through our bodies and they are dis-eased and polluted because the earth, air and water are polluted.
The healing begins with the body, but…..
The greatest teacher said:
“Man does not live of bread alone.”
Our wisdom comes from nature and through our body.
The body is our teacher. It is also the greatest healer.
The body responds to love for love is the food for the Soul.
How can we love the body when we have no Self-Worth ?
The greatest gift we have here on earth is our body.
It holds enormous intelligence.
A scientist on TV recently said: Our mental, conscious knowledge is only one millions of the innate unconscious knowing.
Only through love can we reconnect with the source of our innate power  and realize our OWN worth and start the healing, the clearing and the growing into harmony and fulfillment and joy.
I want all the millions of people
who do not know their true Self-Worth to realize that.
I want all of us to know the truth that will set us free, 
                         with love, Tela   


When spirit does descend in time and space and matter,
and man becomes the outposts of God’s thought,
and starts to know himself as one with others,
he’s coming home to stand on earth with God.
When you have had a glimpse how patience is rewarded,
and when you know with all your heart what’s true,
when you have felt the love that never wavers,
then peace of soul descends like morning dew.
When every face you look on is a revelation,
when you can read the lines engraved in it and know,
and recognize the mysteries there hidden,
your light ignites and sets your soul a glow.
No longer will you judge and criticize your neighbor,
because he plays a different instrument.
For harmony you strive in life’s endeavors,
the symphony of man’s embodiment.
All parts in earth’s performance are important.
Each player chose the role that suites him best.
Honor he gets as villain, saint or teacher.
Awards are earned but everyone is blessed.
And the disabled and the mentally retarded,
and all the fools who did not care for gold,
will at the other side reveal their splendor,
when with true sight their grandeur we behold.
Experiences on earth are our soul’s great treasure.
The sorting happens on the other side,
when freed from time and space and matter
the soul rejoins God’s spirit in the light.
Tela  La Mer     Feb. 2004